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Explore an extreme sport where the kiter uses wind power with a large power kite to be pulled on water, land or snow surface.


There are a plenty of courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders

The courses are offered at the highest IKO standards. Our aim is to enable all students to practise safely and learn the essentials of kitesurfing. We teach with a complimentary radio system that allows our students to have direct contact with the instructor. We care about the best quality of learning, that’s why we provide the courses for only 1-2 students per group to focus on practising and mastering the skills much faster!.

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Leave your worries behind and enjoy the tour​

Organizing unique kitesurfing trips for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Enjoy kiting, meet new people, new cultures and explore new kite spots around the world. 

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The kitesafari is above all, an unforgettable kite experience. You will spend 7 days living on a 5 stars yacht cruising in the best spots that the Red Sea has to offer. You will relax far away from civilization, enjoying the beautiful nature and surroundings of the sea.

7 Days
9 Sept - 16 Sept

The time has come to announce an exclusive adventure trip in Oman. We will be discovering what Oman is
known for; it’s nature and ofcourse one of the most beautiful and adventurous countries

5 Days
15 Aug - 19 Aug

This package is offered for beginners who are just starting their journey with kiteboarding.

Together with your instructor, you will master all levels to become independent kiteboarder. 

6 Hrs

For those who already gained some experience with kitesurfing, but don’t feel comfortable enough to kite alone or need supervision from the instructor.

Per Hrs

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