Focus 2022



  • Progressive rocker and squarer flatter outline
  • Quad concave bottom shape
  • Hybrid carbon construction
  • Quad-channelled butter-soft tips
  • Harmony between rocker + outline and flex
  • Lightweight impact resistant eco core
  • Dynamic flex
  • Durable ABS Rail
  • Standardised M6 Stainless hardware
  • Integrated Grab Rail
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • NEW 40mm Fins Included
  • Fix Boots Recommended
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Freestyle / Freeride

Explosive pop.Ā Dynamic Flex. Precise Response.Ā TheĀ FocusĀ Hybrid CarbonĀ is precisely engineered to push the boundariesĀ of performance freestyle riding.Ā Greater traction allows you to hold that rail and edge harder,Ā while the geometrically stiffer backbone enablesĀ moreĀ controlled take-offs.Ā The hybridĀ carbonĀ technology features unidirectional carbon reinforcement tapesĀ for a well-balanced and responsive flex, so you can ride for longer, with flow and form.Ā Butter-soft tips reduce theĀ impact load on landingsĀ andĀ sliceĀ through chop, making the FocusĀ Jesseā€™s board of choice for winning the King of the Air; ‘Having that extra little bit ofĀ rockerĀ helps absorb the landing, especially when I come down hard,Ā and the flex helpsĀ meĀ explode on the take-offs.Ā With theĀ FocusĀ I can control extreme amounts of power while still having a stable base to land on.ā€Ā For 2021, theĀ FocusĀ has new pulled-in tipsĀ forĀ addedĀ durabilityĀ and comes supplied withĀ biggerĀ 40mmĀ compositeĀ finsĀ for added traction.


136cm, 139cm